Monday, March 31, 2008

i love and miss you tremendously...

Dr. Muhammad i love and miss you tremendously.

i honor you, standing on your shoulders, taking my blessings for granted not.

it is you and honorable men like you---those fully committed to the truth and fearless with their sharing of it; that strengthen me and my resolve daily.

my understanding of what black manhood is supposed to look like:

loves, appreciates, and dies for the well-being of black women and children









protective- places nothing over the best interests of black women and children


of strong character

a partial list for sure.

one that i know as a result of being blessed by you and your journey. i have seen authentic black men therefore counterfeit ones are unacceptable. i love you more than these words can convey.

i have faith that there are more black men like you here even now...i will not give up on us.

when your voice goes silent Dr. Muhammad, the tears fall. i love you. i will always honor you because you honored me and always addressed me, respectfully, as a black woman in your balanced teachings. thank you. it was you and those like you that taught me the importance of...



Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

yes well said, a striong man indeed

focusedpurpose said...

hi T-

i love him so much. he was not only a strong man, he was a great example.

the black collective will only be conquerors when more men follow his example in words and deeds. it takes heart this is why we don't see it...


Khadija said...

Long sigh...I miss him too. I'm dreading the day that Min. Farrakhan makes his transition.

*Another long sigh*


tasha212 said...

Thanks for the vids, sis. I love Khallid Abdul Muhammad. I miss him. There are not that many left. I remember when I was a kid, he came to Lafayette, La., my hometown. Those white folks were furious. He always spoke the truth.

focusedpurpose said...

Khadija and Tasha-

quick confession...

... when i feel like i have as my man the last sane black man left---i go in search of those that exemplify that such is not the case. Dr. M was not in that room by himself:-) i don't believe that there are no more aside from my man. i just don't.

i just think that we are like Job in some respect where we feel, based on the warped distorted images mind you, that we have reached the last of the last. it is a wicked lie. there is always a remnant saved by God. it is not about quantity it is about quality.

now, just to flip it and apply balance. how do you think our decent brothers feel checking the distorted images of what the state of black womanhood is?

there is trickery at play. don't fall prey. stand in faith sisters and call to you that which you desire. we are God each and every one of us. this ceases to be the case only when we cease to believe. (or refuse to know---truly people perish for a lack of knowledge)


TLW said...

Perhaps it is my naive youth talking here but I refuse to believe that it will end like this and Black liberation leaders like Dr. Muhammad are all dead and gone. I absolutely refuse to believe that. Blogs like this and others inspire, I know because it inspires the heck out of me.

focusedpurpose said...


your words bless and inspire me. it is not naive youth---it is hopeful, faithful, much needed youth. Dr. King, Malcolm X and others were young men.

i am overjoyed to hear that you are inspired. it was the purpose of the piece. my ancestors inspire and focus me as well. let us go to work where we are according to our gifts.


Ana said...

Focusedpurpose said:
"let us go to work where we are according to our gifts"
I agree with you. It is a philosophy that I have been practicing for a long time, and it does bear fruits.

Khadija and Focusedpurpose:
I enjoy reading your intelligent and inspiring comments. I like your transparency, a virtue I very much value and admire in people.


focusedpurpose said...


God bless you sis. thank you for sharing your kind words.

blessings in abundance,

Khadija said...


Sister, thank you for your kind words. I've always enjoyed and learned a lot from your comments.

Ahhh...the concept & practice of transparency. This is a value that's extremely important to me too. Let me skip over the religious admonitions about the value of practicing transparency onto the more self-interested ones:

Whether or not everyone realizes this, you have all been functioning as a virtual consciousness-raising group for me. This is precious to me.

There are some discussions that I just don't get much benefit from with the people closest to me in the physical world, because they're just not on a close enough "wavelength" politically.

I end up spending way too much time starting on "square 1" during many of these discussions. If I may be so arrogant to say this out loud---usually others are learning new things during these chats & I'm NOT. It's not that I'm any smarter than the people around me---it's that they haven't been paying attention to the same sorts of things that I've been paying attention to.

However, the people who participate in the discussions here & a few other select places have been paying attention to the same types of things that I care about politically. And you guys know about soooo many things that I don't know about! I learn so much from the give & take of discussion with all of you.

However, this learning process only works for me when I engage in honest, transparent dialogue. There is no benefit in playing verbal games & unnecessary jousting. I've been reaping a huge benefit from listening to you all! Thank you!


focusedpurpose said...

as i double back in preparation of my recompense future post...

i see evolution from reviewing past comments. in addition to learning anew;) it is truly a beautiful thing.

Almighty has revealed himself in a major way. ONLY He is Almighty. we are His creations...made in His image. we MUST Bow Down to His Word/Him.

so i retract the we are g-ds prior statement;)

Almighty is Almighty. He alone;)