Saturday, March 15, 2008

follow up to do something...where you

so...the march today was...amazing!!!

it was beautiful to be surrounded by all the different hues of humanity. everyone united in the desire to resist the "new world order", and the assault on the working class---also known as the masses. worldwide.

i saw blacks, asians, indigenous, hispanic, arab, indian and white people. all in harmony, lifting their voices- in different languages to stand against oppression, white supremacy, and imperialism. we stood in agreement that the masses need to set aside petty differences and unite. a unified people are a powerful people. we cannot afford to succumb to distractions.

my favorite sign today read: REAL EYES* REALIZE* REAL LIES

today's experience reminded me of a song that i heard recently. in fact, it reminded me of several. i will share a couple with you. listen. think. share your thoughts. they are always welcomed.

hard hitting images i know. for this reason the corporate media will not allow you to see what we are really up to around the world. you would want to stop it, right? i think most people would. the powers that be know this... check out how it all began...five (5) years ago...that's a lot of suffering, destruction, and inhumanity.

it is up to each of us to do something...where ever we all signs indicate that venezuela, among other nations, is next



Black 4 Black said...

History has taught us that resistance is one of the necessary ingredients of change. We are, for the most part, swayed or led by the media in such a way that we the people lose our opinion. If we have a strong opinion…we allow it to be watered down and muted by the media, or “popular” opinion. Once we begin to practice that resistance and build our “opinion supported by fact” muscle… the lies begin to come into focus.

We also need to look beyond our personal resistance to new experiences. I have a queen who is very awake, present and conscious to the politically manipulated world around her…and I have had to train myself to not let the fact that I do in fact have testicles…cloud the truth that she gives me. She is the balance in a world that has taught me how to wield my chauvinist opinion with arrogant entitlement. Every ounce of my soul resists when she tells me how my words or actions make her feel, but we communicate in a way that leaves me with greater understanding and more respect from her. I am practicing “not” resisting the balance she ads to my life.

Immortal is a soldier that I am certain is taking heat for his resistance. He refuses to fall in line with the mainstream idea of who he needs to be to make it… however he speaks truth… and does not apologize for it. That is the ultimate practice of resistance… and you do the same. Thank you for your strength!


focusedpurpose said...


thank you. thank you for your kind words.

it is impressive that you are so reflective and willing to challenge that which you could very well take for granted; and wield all day---almighty testicle power!:-)

balance is essential. look around us. right now, the world is out of balance. big time. i believe we have the power to restore it.

you are always welcomed here.


Invisible Woman said...

Thank you so much for that post. Love your comment moderation statement as well.

focusedpurpose said...


welcome back sis.

the post is my pleasure. that is the music, in part, that i am bumping right now.

i can't do anything other than tell the truth at this point:-) it is funny, those that get it---have more respect that way. even those that don't for that matter, in my experience.

i am checking for your return to blog world. don't stay away too long. i am glad that you honored me with a visit. come again, soon.

blessings to you!