Sunday, March 2, 2008

mainstream media & hip hop boycott

i have been in a petition signing mood lately. everyone whose e-mail i have can attest to this:-)

please take a few moments and sign this petition Mainstream Media & Hip-Hop Boycott. it is pretty straightforward. every signature counts.

understanding full well that hate is a strong word---those that know me know that i understand full well the power of words; this is the only word that fully expresses my heart---so hear me when i say---i hate that this hijacked art form has been turned into this wicked mess. i hate that this new junk (i have other choice words for it!) is still called "hip hop". i hate that our culture and history of communicating through music is one of the tools being used to destroy our images and us. i hate that so many have decided that for a nominal fee they will go on the global stage and assist in the destruction of black women. i hate that every video reinforces the racist stereotype that black men are mindless, sexually depraved, criminal beasts.

brothers, i am hopeful you will come out in force against this when you realize how it impacts you. i hate that it is "not that bad" or funny (actual responses i have gotten) when it seems only to affect your sisters, daughters, wives and mothers. all black women are someone's sisters, daughters, wives and mothers. i am sure Rev. Coates at Enough is Enough would be more than happy to have your help with taking the Enough is Enough campaign nationwide. if not that, just find something to do to make a difference. now! this is poisoning our children and us. in addition to our global community's assessment of who we really are.

i have other words, however in the interest of self respect i will use "artists"-don't say you can't get a record deal unless you go this route. you could maintain your dignity, autonomy, and more of the profits if you would self distribute. the underground is a profitable place to be. the internet is a profitable place to be. it boils down to complete irresponsibility and greed. you get no pass from me because you are black and "need to feed your family". we all do. there is a responsible, dignified, respectful way to go about it.

it is not about censorship or preventing freedom of speech.

it is about SELF LOVE~SELF ACCEPTANCE~SELF RESPECT and projecting that all around the world.
while you are in petition signing mode please sign my girl Jasmyne's as well CLICK HERE TO READ AND SIGN THE PETITION (
i have had enough and accept the truth that "well behaved women rarely make history". together we can change our course. we have the power, tenacity and resilience to make it happen. ain't nothing to it but to do it...let's go to work...


tasha212 said...

I think that "hip hop" as an artform is dying. I love the music, the culture, the beats, the language, everything in its original form. Do u think we will ever get it back. I know that it is still here, but underground, but how do we bring it to the forefront again. In the beginning it was about creativity and telling our stories. Now its about making money, period. So, whatever sells goes. And degrading our women and men is the order of the day. There are people who say that the music wouldn't sell unless its negative. What do you think? Bc I know alot of people who continue to watch BET and other stations that degrade us. So, how do we reach these people?

focusedpurpose said...

original hop hop is already back. in fact it never left. the product financed by and packaged for white men has monopolized the airwaves and the mainstream. purposefully, it is the white supremacist vehicle used to unfavorably depict black people and simultaneously de-sensitize the world to the plight of the american black community. it hasn't even got as hot as it will get.

i have things in the works to bring the underground front and center. for those that would like to get active, go on myspace---find music you don't hear and post it on your blog.

go to the "hood" in your town and support the up and coming emcees. female and male. they are out there.

my friend just did a documentary on the underground scene here in l.a. support such projects.

it was in this frame of mind that i suggested that you interview women that we might not know their names--- but we should know their names because they are doing extraordinary things in their ordinary lives. we must stop waiting for the corporate owned media to "legitimize" our messengers.

it is a lie from the pit of hell that music won't sell unless it is degrading. it is a commonly used excuse to avoid taking responsibility for the negativity and negative record sales. i for one, hope they all choke on the destructive gimmicks they sell.

in fact, there is more profit to the artist and autonomy with the underground market. they have complete artistic freedom instead of being a heavily handled commodity. don't believe the lies or accept the excuses.

continue to be courageous enough to share the truth, prayerful that he/she that has an ear to hear will...hear. you have done your job at that point. some people are happily enslaved. they won't tell you with words. their behavior will shout the message. and when they tell you...bleieve them, then shake the dust from your feet and move on....powerfully.

abundant blessings sis!

Black 4 Black said...

I agree with your opinion and push wholeheartedly Sista!!!

We have become so complacent, greedy and blind that we refuse to see the truth that is spitting in our faces. We have brainwashed ourselves to the point that both men and women of African descent are willing to downplay the grossly negative affects this so called “Hip-Hop” is having on us as a people! We need to stand up- NOW- and take back our artistic expression so we can return to our roots…so we can uplift our Black communities…so we can support our Mothers, Sisters and Daughters…NOW!!!

I am committed to acting as a catalyst for change. Whatever I can do for you, please ask in urgency… as that is our current situation.

Thank you for your continuous blessings and wisdom.

Invisible Woman said...

As one who worked in rap in the 90's, and loved it so much I could barely sleep till I moved to NY, I am saddened and sickened by what folks call "rap" and "hip-hop" these days.

You said it in a way I felt but couldn't articulate.

focusedpurpose said...

B4B welcome back! Invisible Woman welcome! thank you both for stopping by.

we must get behind the effort to challenge and shut down the vehicle that is damaging us so much. we must be messengers in a time when everyone has been "educated" and "conditioned" to just go along...with whatever...

join me in the struggle. we must resist our complete destruction. self preservation is the first law of nature.