Tuesday, March 18, 2008

get the feeling we are expected to just...shut up?

i don't agree with it all.

the "christian culture with morality" junk sent steam out of my ears. for the record, i don't think all jews are degenerates either. let me be real clear.

i found to be interesting to say the least. i will have to read more before i know what i think. their disclaimer in part..."thinking, writing, and speaking about a broad range of Zionist issues. We are not racist, xenophobic, homophobic, or prejudiced against any race, creed, or national origin. We are prejudiced only against criminals." helped my fear that they were simply hateful and trying to lay blame for the giant world wide mess we see at the feet of the jews. this seems to be the popular theme of white supremacists that refuse to acknowledge the participation of whites in the creation of the mess.

i haven't yet met anyone that i do agree with all they have to say. so take what you need...leave the rest.

i get the distinct impression that in order for the plan to work, we all must...shut up.

uh, thanks but no...let's talk about it. with respect, love, and the desire to make it better. it is up to us. we owe it to our ancestors, our children, and ourselves.


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