Sunday, March 9, 2008

...we don't need mind control...

we must learn to challenge all that we are taught. all people on the planet must; especially black folks. we must not accept anything at face value. nothing is as it seems. there is always a thing in the thing.

this is true for all people on earth. the focus of my blog is black people; with an emphasis on black women and girls. once we are healed in this country, my focus will then be on black people around the world. anything else strikes me as being out of divine order. for those that disagree with my position, know that i support your right to respectfully disagree. additionally, i urge you to act according to your understanding. one world government is well on its way. i am motivated by my belief that when the world becomes orwellian for all; it will impact the lives of blacks that much more so. i came across a quote that pretty much sums up my position on the subject:

“there’s a time for compromise…it’s called…later” *any questions?*

now the message…

…we must do a better job of protecting our history. we must learn, embrace and honor our history and the experiences of our ancestors. we must learn who we really are.

there is a museum in culver city which is in los angeles county. this museum is amazing. it actually started out as the private collection of an amazing woman named Mayme A. Clayton. when she passed on, her son realized the amazing gift she had left and is working diligently to ensure that the real american history is available to everyone. this museum is called the Mayme A. Clayton Library and Museum. i love their mission statement: “to collect, preserve; exhibit and celebrate the unique history and cultural heritage of Americans of African descent.” find out more. see what you can do to help. visit their website at support their efforts people.

additionally, others protect vigilantly against gross distortions that make it seem as if they are imagining , oh say the holocaust or were on "vacation" during those devastating periods of their history. i use the vacation example only because, as taught in my predominantly white schools, one got the distinct impression that "slave quarters" were like hotel suites-granted, not the best, yet nonetheless. lynching and the truth of them just never really "came up" in history classes. any efforts to turn the discussions in that direction were summarily shut down; by students and teachers alike. i hated traditional study as a result of just such repeated instances. it was hard to miss the fact that one was being taught what to think, not how to think. my mother counseled me often about the “power of the pen”; and that i needed to decide if i wanted a certain grade or to teach the class:-). i resented having to make the choice, even then. i decided, that i would exercise the “power of the pen” to the fullest.

armed with my treasure of knowledge from home study; i was amazed, vexed, and disgusted as the history of slavery was taught in such a way; that allowed the descendants of enslavers to leave class with a visible, hard to miss sense of superiority. i will never forget the response of a classmate when i questioned how he seemed to feel so proud, when he should have been ashamed of the inhumanity of his people. his reply, "if we can do it, we will; if others are too weak to fight, then that is their stupid faults." though horrified and angered at the time, i had to reluctantly concede that he had a point. i don’t have any questions. do you?

we must resist the exploitation and disrespect consistently heaped on our collective and individual heads. those of us that refuse to take heed to this truth must be made to feel it by those of us that get it. if mammon, uh, money, is what they worship; let's erase enough of it for them to hear. when faced with disrespect-resist it. don’t worry about being polite. don’t let it slide or take it easy just because the offender looks like you, either. this practice is killing us.

learn to measure your response according to the infraction. with those that have a history of flagrant infractions, don't wait for the next one. anticipate it and cut them off at the pass. be proactive, what a concept? we must be vigilant and diligent in our efforts and teach our children to be the same way. btw, all black children are our children. we are the experts on this and must not listen to lies that inform us otherwise. i am oftentimes amazed that we fool ourselves to believe that white people (or their functionaries) are qualified to set the standard for anything relating to human behavior. the fact that we do indicates strongly that we have not been paying attention to history at all.

in keeping with that last thought, we must learn to challenge what we are taught. question. consider the source. practice flipping the information, this practice will prevent backwards thinking. equally as important, refuse to accept and consistently powerfully rebuke lies. white lies, especially. in this backwards world they are supposed to be "little". flip it-know and accept the truth that "white lies" are enormous and linger for centuries cloaked as "myths" fed to our children generation after generation arresting their spiritual and emotional development. digested lies kill...slowly.

if we were to learn our history, true history, it would be impossible to walk around ashamed of our blackness. doing all that we can daily to disclaim, distance ourselves from, and deny those whose savagely spilt blood allows us to be all that we are today. in fact, if we loved, embraced and respected ourselves and our history---we could/would be so much more. without a doubt, i make the assertion.

we are not a people of lack. we hail from the richest continent on earth. we are an educated, proud, civilized people, family oriented, self sufficient, productive community of loving warm sun people.

despite the vicious lies, there is still a black community and it is not too late to turn this around. we must give ourselves the hope we need instead of waiting for it to come from others. it is not too late, until we have breathed our last breaths; only then can we afford to stop working on it. we owe this much to our ancestors, our children, ourselves, and our futures. revolution is inevitable and born in the hearts of children. the enemy knows this

our history starts thousands of years before slavery.



Black 4 Black said...

Preach Sister...Preach.
You are a true prophet. You are knowledge. You are wisdom. You are amazing.

I am so thankful to have read your blog. This morning I was telling my queen that I am tired of trying to pull black men to the knowledge. How lazy of me...right. Here I am ...a baby in the big picture...and my will was challenged and I was ready to throw in the towel. Sound familiar??? I am man enough to call my short-comings though. I see the cycle...the one I almost caved to...and I challenge myself to fight the fight until my last breath. Like you do.

I heard that song as a teen...never got the message in the bottle though. I can see it now. Clearly!

Thank you so much. You feed my soul with the words you lay.

Peace, Blessings and Unity!

focusedpurpose said...


glory to God my friend.

awakening the masses is definitely a marathon. not a sprint. pace yourself and focus on the finish line:-)

we all get tired. i would even venture to say--especially me:-)what's that got to do with what i am called to do? black womanhood has prepared me well to be tired as all get out and focused on getting things done. running away has never been an option.

i will share a secret with you. it isn't an option for you and other black men, either. those that think it is are just as wise as those that purchase large amounts of fools' gold and think they have acquired wealth:-)

keep coming back brother. then walk away and do something with what you are taking away.

blessings in abundance,