Saturday, March 29, 2008


does anyone else ever wonder who decided that the democrats served the best interest(s) of black folks?

why do blacks feel like they must support the democratic party?

who decided there was a difference (in action) between democrats and republicans? my efforts to have bush impeached has demonstrated that they work together; without question, against the interests of americans; especially black americans.

so, why is it so hard for the masses to see that the dixiecrats and the republicans work together to maintain our white supremacist/racist american traditions? i really don't get it...

what sense does it make to follow rules that will only lead to your destruction?

ever notice the shot callers refuse to follow their own rules?

think about it! think.



Khadija said...


You're on another one of your consciousness-raising rolls! I salute your efforts.

The answer to this question is a subsection of earlier discussion points that you have raised in the past. As has been noted by our enemies [past & present], African-Americans are a child-like people. As you have stated, we function more or less as White folks' children.

One result of this is that we make many decisions based on emotionalism, not cold logic. We vote out of an enduring sense of gratitude for whatever crumbs are shoved our way. Not based on negotiations regarding "what will you or any other politician do for us in exchange for our support?"

We were grateful & supported the Republican "party of Lincoln" for many decades past its "use by ______" expiration date. We were grateful for the New Deal & the Great Society programs; & have supported the Democratic Party long past its expiration date.

We can't quite understand that it's actually one party---the "Demo-publican" Party. I see Black folks' (15-years-late) belated anger at the Clintons as a very hopeful sign. Maybe it will break our addiction to wholeheartedly aligning ourselves with one party for nothing in return. Maybe we'll even begin to think rationally and leverage our support in exchange for concrete concessions!

Peace, sis.

focusedpurpose said...


hi sis:-) i am afraid all roads lead back to the same conversation.

our people perish for lack of knowledge. we cram ourselves full of information about how powerful white folks are and call ourselves "educated". we refuse to learn the truth of who we are. refuse.

lincoln got on my nerves. the love of lincoln makes me physically ill. if folks would read what lincoln had to say they would see he was no hero. in his own words, had he been able to maintain slavery and keep white folks from killing each other---he would have.
f#%k him and dick cheney!

so...Moses did not seek to escape bondage by...integration. that is purposeful. as soon as black folks can get that...

blessings sis,

tasha212 said...

I think that black people for the most part seem to jump on the bandwagon. At first, we voted for Republican party bc it was the party of Lincoln. Then after FCR, we started to vote for Democrats bc we think they are our friends. The problem is that its easy to get black folk to believe anything bc most of us don't think critically. We don't know our history so we are lost. History continues to repeat itself and we continue going down the same path without an end. History tells us that no party is for us. But some of us will actually spend time arguing over who's better, Repub or Dems. It's the same thing.

I think another factor is that in America we are taught to think on an emotional level and not on the level of self-interest. Therefore we always leave the table empty-handed. And if you try to bring up honest discussion about the issues around some black people, u get shut down. We don't like to face the truth. A majority of us live in a perpetual state of denial. Until we face truth, we continue to walk away empty-handed.

focusedpurpose said...


all i can add is amen.

the slave breaking has been thorough. i have been told that i am a "trouble maker". this cracks me up!

i am nothing if not persistent. so i will be sounding the alarm as long as i have breath:-)

blessings sis,

Anonymous said...

The problem is that its easy to get black folk to believe anything bc most of us don't think critically.

This is where I chime in once again that 90% (+ or -) vote for one candidate is something that makes me go...hmmm.

focusedpurpose said...


seriously, i have had so much grrr today, i have given myself a headache. i am going to simmer down now. please don't get me started:-)


TLW said...

Newbie here. I just found out about your blog and I like your setup. I love talking to a bunch of like-minded concious Black people. Hope you don't mind a young Black college male's insight.

I always wonder why Black people do this as well. Everytime I ask a die hard Democrat why we do this they cite the whole FDR and the Civil Rights Act etc, even though many of these programs didn't meet the needs of Black masses. Plus, I would like to know what they have done within the last ohh, 20 years at least.

Also, I really like your Moses example and how he was able to gain the liberation of his people. It's funny because I have been saying this for the longest time to people. Moses didn't go before the pharoh and say "let my people integrate" he said "let my people go." Black people in the U.S. have got to be the only oppressed people that I can think of who believed that in order to gain Black liberation they had to integrate into the very system that was oppressing us and views us as inferior.

Didn't mean to go off on a tangent there. I just type whatever is on my mind. This is a great blog and I look forward to reading more from you.

focusedpurpose said...


welcome. thanks for stopping in.

i have a strong point of view, however, you should not take that to mean that i am opposed to different points of view.

i love men. i am not anti-man at all. my personal preference is conscious, strong, unapologetic, respectful, balanced, honorable black men. i am blessed to share my life with one that i just described. i appreciate balance. the lack of balance is damaging/terminating the black community.

btw, tangents are also welcome here:-) i think i have elevated rambles to an art form! while we strive to do polite silence, there is so much to be said and done. this is a safe space to get it all off your chest.

i look forward to your next visit.

blessings in abundance,

Invisible Woman said...

At the very least, we see people at Democratic rallys, fundraisers, and primaries that look like us.

I never see that in any Republican anything. Except for the one black man/woman they found in the hall and pulled up onstage.

I agree with Field Negro--we desperately need a third party.

focusedpurpose said...

Hi IW-

welcome back:-)

i see people that look like me in both parties doing great damage to great masses of people that look like me world wide. in fact, the republican party has the most highly placed and visible black functionaries that i can see. the dixiecrats have shrill, pushy, entitled, rule breaking white women running things in high places. this is at first glance for me. i really, believe it or not don't like politics at all. i like the truth. successful politicians rarely speak it so there you have it:-)

since i have ceased writing black skin passes as a direct result of reading what white supremacist mad scientists discovered about black folks---blacks will bow to genocide, homicide, all types of cides as long as they are committed by other blacks. black skin gets you nowhere with me. this coupled with the understanding that the average black person really does assign greater value to white folks than they do to black folks that reflect back their image. this is the case with male and females, let us not pretend. i strongly believe it is a result of worshipping white folks, literally.

so, yes. coming out from among them and getting ourselves together is the only way to go. you can not have a real discussion with anyone until you have asserted your equality. the black collective keeps waiting for equality to be bestowed while begging. of course, there is a penalty to be paid for asserting your equality and seizing your freedom. i say since we are dying in large numbers, daily, worldwide anyways...

i feel another post coming on:-)

thank you IW! i just remembered something. thank you for blessing me with your visit. until next time...


Danielle said...

We do need a 3rd party. The interests of black people will never be served by Dem or Republican. Simple truth. I love what you're doing here FP. I am an avid reader.

focusedpurpose said...


welcome! thanks for stopping in.

yes, truly God bless the child that's got his/her own. we need to get our own everything!

make yourself comfortable. you are always welcome here.