Thursday, March 20, 2008


i wasn't going to post today.

there has been so much going on...

...i thought i would take a break. yet, i feel compelled to share. i suggested that people should search out zeitgeist. i want to make it easier to get the information. so here it is in part...

so... it is really up to us, no? one love has a whole new meaning now, doesn't it? we can no longer afford to be divided and distracted.



Khadija said...

*Adjusting my tin foil hat*


As always, I'm learning about all sorts of things from you! Thanks!

I've watched segments of this on You Tube. I'm not sure what to make of it---it sounds like a lot of Lyndon LaRouche screeds that have been smoothed out to sound more reasonable. *Smile*

And I notice that certain institutions keep coming up during fevered messages from both left & right conspiracy theorists---the Federal Reserve is one such institution. I haven't watched it all the way through,so I'll have to wait to see if the Illuminati & the Masons are mentioned.

Which is not to say that there probably aren't large chunks of truth mixed in with this stuff. I'm sure anyone who doubted the official story during the Vietnam War was dismissed as a tin-foil hat person too. We do know that sometimes, conspiracy theories are true---Gulf of Tonkin, COINTELPRO, etc.

I see that I have some reading to do about the Federal Reserve, etc.

Peace, sis!

focusedpurpose said...

hi Khadija-

yes, check out the federal reserve---despite sounding so "official" and all, it is a private corporation owned and operated by private citizens. the last names you would recognize as their families have been running things for awhile.

the reserve monies are not used to do anything for the citizens of the united states, despite what the average american thinks. as i have said plenty times before, ignorance is not bliss---it is lethal.

the purpose is not to feed one information or tell anyone what to believe. God knows we have enough people doing that. my purpose is to provide a direction in which to go to find the truth---for those that are interested to know.

i would be interested to hear your thoughts once you have done your independent study:-)

yes, quite a few times conspiracy theories have proven to be true. the more ridiculous/audacious an act it seems the harder it is to get people to believe---despite it being done time and again.

there is truly nothing new under the sun. more than fashion is just cyclical! as soon as the masses get hip to this truth then we will be able to play ball!!!

happy reading:-) do share your thoughts. i learn as much from you as you do from me; if not more.

blessings sis,

p.s. this piece doesn't mention the illuminati or the masons. however, i don't believe it is just a conspiracy theory at all. nor do i believe in coincidence.

so in other words, i do not believe it is "coincidence" that conservative racists are calling the shots. that's just me though...

Ana said...

Thanks for this information. I always thought that the money in circulatioin was backed by the government gold reserve at Ft.Knox. I guess I was wrong. The gold does not really belong to the government, but to private investors.

I am so familiar with the scheme of the international banking world. They (the international banking elite, with the backing of the U.S. government) made Panama an international banking center back in the seventies, and it has become an offshore haven for money launderers, crooks and international high ranking thieves.

This struggle is a nasty and ruthless one.The important thing now is that we become informed, conscious and join to work together, at least to protect our interests.


focusedpurpose said...

hi Ana-

welcome back.

you said:

"I always thought that the money in circulatioin was backed by the government gold reserve at Ft.Knox."

nope. not at all. i think most people believe this. our money is useless paper. each day that passes it becomes more and more useless. i think that it will be china---who holds a great deal of the american debt---that will force the change of u.s. currency from the dollar to the amero. that is my guess, only because the chinese have positioned themselves to become the world's factory.

"This struggle is a nasty and ruthless one. The important thing now is that we become informed, conscious and join to work together, at least to protect our interests."

yes ma'am! one love can not just be a phrase that is thrown around. it must become the philosophy. so even when it impacts people around the world- if it is in violation of one love- all people should stand against it. all people have but one primary interest---the sanctity of humanity.

it is indeed as it has been written---the love of money is the root of all evil.

i have the faith and hope that the human race, love, and humanity will prevail. i truly do believe that in the end---we win. i am unashamedly idealistic:-)

blessings sis,

Ana said...

I am idealistic too, but we must recognize that the enemy will fight to the very end because they have been on top for a long time.

I predict China with all her woes and the cheap, flimsy things that her overworked, slavish workers produce will be the next economic giant.

Historically the Chinese have always dreamed of might and greatness. It goes right back to Dynastic China when they saw themselves as the Mandate of Heaven. They are a sleeping giant, with a large population, a legendary Confucian discipline, and constantly underestimated(which is good for them) by the U.S. and Europeans. The Chinese are capable of rising to the top in a flash. They have also just started to make large investments around the world, especially in parts of Asia and Africa.

My main concern is that if there is a changing of guard, how would the black world fare? Are we prepared for changes? This is why I like blackwomenvote because it is an active movement for change.

Well, la lucha continua...


focusedpurpose said...


while i am idealistic i am also a realist. i quote Frederick Douglass often because he spoke truthfully when he indicated that "power concedes nothing".

please don't misread my faith, hope, and idealism as a disconnect from reality. we are in for a battle.

i can fully agree with your observations on china. the only thing that i would slightly disagree with is china being underestimated. the u.s. has known of chinese wmd for awhile. they are not trying to bother that empire. no one wants a battle royale. not even a wicked war-mongering nation like america.

which is why blacks need to study the historical game plan---just as teams do with their opponents---and get in the game to win it. we steadfastly refuse to study the game plans, (they really don't change) white folks/the powers that be continue to run the same plays; black folks continue to lose century after century.

when the changing of the guards take place, it will be exceedingly difficult for all people. particularly black folks. that is why i have indicated that i will compromise and relax a little later. the stakes are too high.

there is nothing new under the sun. nothing at all. it has all been done before i believe.

thanks for such a stimulating exchange!:-)

blessings sis,