Saturday, March 15, 2008

do something...where you

On Saturday, March 15th, - the 5th Anniversary of the U.S. War on Iraq
Join Thousands in Protest - Gather at Hollywood and Vine at 12 noon

End the War Now!

Bring the troops home - U.S. out of Iraq and Afghanistan Immediately and Unconditionally!!

Money for Housing, Jobs, Schools and Healthcare - not Imperialist Wars!

End U.S. Support for Sixty Years of Occupation in Palestine! U.S. troops and bases out of Latin America, Africa, and Haiti, Hands off Iran and Venezuela!

Wage a War Against Home Foreclosures, A War Against Racism, and a War Against Layoffs!

Stop Attacks on Immigrant Workers! Tear Down the Walls from the West Bank to Mexico!

Come to Hollywood and Vine on Saturday and march with thousands who demand an end to the corporate campaign of militarism, racism, and attacks on workers! Look for the International Action Center banner!

To volunteer with the IAC (international action center) on Saturday call 310 677-6407---check for a local branch near you. what can you do to be a part of the solution?

injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. this injustice is on our shores already. in due time it will be each of our personal turn. don't be fooled. freedom has not ever come without a fight historically. there is nothing new under the sun.

i wanted to use a peace sign with this entry. instead, i will point anyone that cares to know in the direction of why we must check the history of everything before we just accept it. people are perishing for lack of knowledge. take what you need, leave the rest.


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