Saturday, March 15, 2008

Letter to NAN

this is the letter that i sent to NAN today @ i will also call every naacp office on monday in the general vicinity of my residence. there are exactly four.

i won't continue to kick myself that i was too busy friday to get it done:-) i will just get it done.

feel free to join the efforts. thanks Shecodes for making it so easy to make a difference!

My name is focusedpurpose, and I host a blog entitled "focusedpurpose". I am part of blogging ring of black women, and our collective readership reaches several thousand women and men of color every day. Our readers have avidly followed the Dunbar Village incident.

Our readers are aware of the extreme reluctance that many black activists have displayed when asked to advocate for the apprehension of the remaining suspects. They are also highly incensed by Rev. Sharpton's recent statements that the few suspects that were apprehended are 'being treated unfairly'. Many people, including myself, are appalled at Rev. Sharpton's new stance, and are prepared to mobilize concerning this if Rev. Sharpton continues in this vein.

I am writing this email a good faith attempt to forestall an embarrassing backlash for Al Sharpton and the National Action Network. I am asking Rev. Sharpton to reverse his present direction, and to renounce all statements that might cause the authorities to believe that black people want these suspects released on bail.

I am appealing to you as a woman, as a black person, and as a fellow activist in the struggle, to exert pressure for the apprehension of the remaining suspects, and a speedy trial for all detainees involved.

Please give a long overdue show of concern for the safety of black women in West Palm Beach, FL.

In the Struggle,

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