Wednesday, March 12, 2008

it's a trend...remain focused and purposeful!

so... i had to step away for a moment. haste makes waste and i tend to be more radical than most it seems. especially, during this space in history. i am clear though as to the reasons.

al sharpton gave the world a glimpse of his foolish ass awhile back. some brothers made excuses for him.

yesterday, he showed the whole, big, rotten, disgusting, ridiculous, amoral, for sale-as long as there is a video camera, shameless, criminally misguided thing. in doing so he made it impossible for the mentally slow, aforementioned brothers, to say anything in integrity aside from WTF! there is always an upside:-)

had i been surprised i may have fallen down. *movie reference-starring michael douglas:-)*

instead, i decided to go racing, spend time with my family, and recruit others to join the battle.

in case you haven't noticed folks...we are at war! domestically and abroad. literally and figuratively. the truth and degree of the matter you will never see on the news. most have been trained to not tell the truth. it is rude, unlady-like, a downer, and a "national security risk". not to mention, if you acknowledged what's really going on and what's wrong---it would be human nature to want to fix it. this is why deception, lies and inhumanity go hand in hand.

despite feeling like i am whispering in the wind. i feel led to keep doing it. i will. with purpose. and laser-like focus.

i will stop, as best as i can, reminding those within my circle of influence when those things come to pass that i have called previously. i will not feel annoyed when others tell me what i have been saying all along; as if it should be a newsflash to me. i will instead re-direct that annoyance to buoyancy with the fact that i have company in the light of understanding. i will continue to pace myself and remind myself that what other people think of me is not my business. i will re-post my first official blog, periodically, to re-focus myself. those that invite me to focus on all of mankind, i will consistently ignore and pray they gain perspective. in addition to the common sense that would inform them that all giant projects are best broken down into manageable ones. i will keep my eyes fixed firmly on the prize. i will remain focused. i have the power.

i will, instead of getting angry, belly laugh at this this conk wearing preacher clown; that has volunteered his services to be the agent of inhumanity. i will give praise for the wisdom that informs my knowledge that we will see a lot of this fool and those like him. what he is fighting for-the right of males to rape indiscriminately at young ages; and to be dealt with leniently regardless of race- has quietly become the national past time. look. see. accept the truth. this evil knows no racial bounds. all of humanity faces the same enemy.

for awhile now rape has become a part of the "entertainment" scene. it has become frequently included in the titillating gratuitous sex scenes. actors of all ages have signed up to add the visual to the atrocity. what we see now is of course the natural progression. my refusal to support the "entertainment" industry has in part been because of this very reason. that and the erasing of the black woman image in any type of positive light. that and the refusal to couple black men and women (unless she looks white-like which promotes colorism) in meaningful, healthy, non stereotypical relationships.

so...i will not allow my focus to be shifted. i will continue to register my disdain and release it:-) i am NO saint; and this fool makes me want to take his head OFF! discussions at this point seem like a game of patty cake. i don't love traitors into turning back. traitors should be swiftly dropped where they stand. victorious people historically get this basic principle. they don't risk victory by trying to compromise and err on the side of caution.

i will use what we see to assist black women and girls to empower themselves to not only survive...but to live abundantly, powerfully and freely. human rights are claimed, not given. freedom is seized not requested. cease and desist orders are commands not mere suggestions.

the alleged predator you see above is eighteen and charged with several friends of sexually assaulting a sixteen year old special education student. you may read more @ .

if you are interested to know more about the sharpton shenanigans the following bloggers do an amazing job keeping the record up to date:

of course this is a partial listing of great bloggers out there. my favorites are of course on my blog roll:-)



Black 4 Black said...


I agree with you 100% … sharpton (no need to capitalize the name… it would strain my pinky too much to get all the way to the shift key for a cowardly coon nigga who won’t lift his hypocritical, lying ass out of his beauty shop chair to take care of his Black women!) is a clown. A head scratchin’, buck dancin’, yes massa clown! He is a tumor in and for the Black community…and the poster boy for “hundreds of years of regression”.

I am crystal clear as to the level of commitment you have to making a difference for Black Women. I am clear to the degree of tenacity you will exhibit to create equal human rights, safety and happiness for all Black Women. I am clear that you are a woman who means what you say… and you say what you mean.

I have your back Sista. If you ever need a brother to clear space for you to speak…I have your back. If you need a microphone wired at a podium…I have your back. If you need a brother to assist you in any way (and you hold it down…so there would be little to do) in your movement… I have your back.

Thank you,

tasha212 said...


I know that Al Shapton is a snake, but I never expected him to atoop thia low. Did he read about the atrocity that this sister and her son went through? How could u not have compassion for her? EWhat would possess a black man not to want to do everything in their power to protect black women and children? What is wrong with our "leaders"? Even some influential black women refuse to speak up on our behalf. So, I guess we'll have to take up this cause on our own and leave those behind who just for some unknown reason, don't get it.

BLKSeaGoat said...

WOW. Nice blog you have here! I'm gonna add you to my blog roll today.

At least more folks are starting to see Sharpton for the insolent fraud he is. However, he is not the only hypocrite on my social justice hit list. NAACP is going to catch hell from me too.

BLKSeaGoat said...


After reading about Mr. Wonderful who assaulted the mentally challenged girl I am THROUGH!

What the f@ck will be HIS excuse? The article mentioned that he assaulted the girl in his PARENTS' home in "affluent" Montclair.

I'll go out on a limb that this boy and the others didn't come from an impoverished background. They are simply fuck-ups. They are just like Nathan McCall, Eldridge Cleaver, and others. Black men REALLY need to wake up! This shit is getting serious!

Black men who are fathers of black sons, stop teach your sons to be coochie chasers! Teach them that male virginity is OKAY and hypersexuality as a male is WRONG!

Someone, some MAN, or male oriented/dominated force is telling men, black men in particular, that women aren't PEOPLE; they are simply sockets and dick warmers and that has GOT to stop!!

I swear to GOD that if ANY one ever touches my female friends or family members against their will, I am going to take them out. Rape is a crime that I will kill someone behind without remorse!!! Real Talk.

Miriam said...

Sometimes I think this was necessary. From the top to the bottom BW have been shown that they MUST stand up for themselves.

Many things were subtle and people could lie to themselves, and progressively things became more and more blatant.

This was an outright slap in the face.

Now no one can willfully believe that anyone else has our back. Its a real wake up call.

focusedpurpose said...


thank you. just calling it like i see it. i will definitely take you up on the "if you ever need a brother" feels great to know you have my back:-)

Tasha hi-

i fully expected him to continue to clown. this is just so way out in left field. it feels like he is taunting us. you know?

i have never thought sharpton was my "leader". i reject those that are appointed by others to lead me.

his hairdo has always been a sticking point for me.

did you know that black men were the first ones to conk/chemically alter their hair? the plantation preachers no less. they were treated better than the other slaves and relied upon to help maintain the order among the rank of the enslaved. the altering of the hair put them closer to whites in appearance, and kkk christianity helped to control the enslaved.

in light of this, the conk wearing preacher has never worked well for me.

"Did he read about the atrocity that this sister and her son went through? How could u not have compassion for her?"

he knows full well. he just doesn't care. there is no money or publicity in championing the rights of black women and children; especially when the human rights violations are at the hands of black men. his "bosses" aren't concerned with that aspect, and they are not paying him for that..

Even some influential black women refuse to speak up on our behalf. So, I guess we'll have to take up this cause on our own and leave those behind who just for some unknown reason, don't get it."

yes ma'am, our prominent women are m.i.a too. you know i was really sad, i contacted Sister Souljah and she did not get back to me. i have always loved her.

i am just a regular person, there is nothing that would stop me from speaking out against such a crime against humanity. if i has public influence i would definitely make some noise.

in fairness to her, she is a mother and when you listen to her speak---she has been thrown under the bus by black people. maybe she has been so burned. ok, let me stop making excuses.

without a doubt we have to do this ourselves! we can do it!

blessings sis!

focusedpurpose said...

hi BlkSeagoat-

welcome. thanks for dropping in and your kind comments.

you have blog love here! thanks for the reciprocity:-)

yes, you are right. more people are starting to see what has been obvious to some for awhile. there is always an upside to any event.

the history of the naacp indicates that they are right on point. the fact that most people don't understand the purpose of quite a few organizations that thrive only due to black puppets out front; while the white/jewish puppet masters control the strings behind the scenes leads to the confusion that people are experiencing right now.

as for the other sexual predator(s), i strongly believe that a regular diet of pornography; which a lot of men (and women for that matter) digest these days can be attributing to what we are witnessing.

i offer that assessment not by way of an excuse. i have just noticed how men that consume porn look at women. they don't even see people. i live in l.a. and see it all the time. additionally, porn seems to be more mainstream now than before.

we live in a society where anything goes right now, so it seems the natural progression to me. i mean, tv, at times looks like soft porn. especially some of the commercials. just look. for what it's worth...

thanks for dropping in. you are always welcome here!

blessings to you,

focusedpurpose said...



blessings sis,

Khadija said...


Don't get me started on the history of the NAACP! :( I remember listening to a Malcolm X speech where he was mocking them for failing to "advance" a Black person to the head of the organization. IIRC, the NAACP didn't have a Black chairman until the early 1970s. Not to mention the highest award from the NAACP was the Spingarn [spelling?] award---named in honor of one of the early White bosses of the NAACP.

Our people can be soooo naive about outside participation in our stuff. How many Black folks have ever controlled or set policy for Jewish organizations? Or La Raza? Or any other non-Black ethnic organization?



focusedpurpose said...

hi Khadija,

please get started on the history of the naacp! the fact that people haven't gotten started on it, is causing confusion.

"villard, board chairman of naacp "aroused and encouraged" elite negroes to integrate for their freedom and renounce all other options".

so when i say most black folks don't know what they think, want or need until white folks tell them---it is historical perspective that informs my assertions. this is just one of many many many examples.

"after the naacp's founding conference, villard offered his assessment of the "colored" leaders he had assembled:

all of the speeches from the floor were by colored people-how they do love to talk!- and hardly one was relevant, while not one contributed anything of value. [T]ruly they are a child race still."

this is an excerpt from the american directory of certified uncle toms. it should be required reading for all black folks and those in interracial relationships that love, love, love black folks. (love is an action---first class citizenship should not be a white skin privilege only- marrying into black community comes with certain responsibilities, as i see it)

further..."when Du Bois began to exercise a little independent initiative with his stewardship ov er the organization's crisis magazine, he soon became the target of elimination by the naacp's white leadership."

black folks seem to like lullabies when we need wake up! salts. considering it is all written down, i am at a loss. this should be my

the hbcus and quite a few other black organizations were started, funded and controlled guessed it...white folks.

i will sign off with this quote---
"powerful people invariably defend their own interests in the name of the interests of the people they seek to control."

kind of like ripping iraq apart to make sure they had democracy...

the more things change, the more they stay the same, no?

ok...stepping off of the soapbox...breathing deeply...enjoying glass of wine...praying black folks wake up before too long and it's too late.

blessings sis-

Khadija said...


I find that most Black folks look at me with the "fish eye" when I mention the history of so-called "our" organizations & "HBCUs". Somehow, they aren't concerned about the fact that these entities were founded by our former slavemasters & their Northern cousins.

You said: "...most Black folks don't know what they think, want, or need until White folks tell them..."

This is scary & true. And Villard's observations of our addiction to "big talk, little action" remain true to this day.

The American Directory of Certified Uncle Toms is an amazing book. A couple of years ago, I passed out copies of one of its essays to my coworkers [I hoped that reading about "Uncle Tom Rappin'" would whet their appetites to buy the book---at a minimum, put the hip-hop Toms in a different light.]


focusedpurpose said...


it took hundreds of years to get to where we are. it may take about as many to reverse the effects. however, we must be focused and diligent.

as such, i am committed to speaking the truth. i am focused and purposeful with it. when people ask why i don't lighten up---my response is---when we are free i will relax; a little. until then, i have to be in the business of taking care of serious business. we are talking about survival here. life and death.

no sugar no cream straight potent powerful black with focusedpurpose. me. time to wake up!

Malcolm X said, "the greatest mistake of the movement has been trying to organize a sleeping people. you have to wake them up to their humanity, their own worth, to their heritage, then you'll get action."

i stand in agreement.

blessings sis-

Khadija said...

You said: "...we must be focused and diligent."

Thanks, Sister. I needed to hear that right about now.


focusedpurpose said...


you are welcome my sister. i love you.