Saturday, March 29, 2008

character problems? or good politicking?

not sure how long this will be around. thought i would share it...

i think the political system is corrupt and needs to be dismantled. the decent folk that want to make a difference are frozen out of the process. time after time. year after year. election after election. nevertheless, most americans feel compelled to play along. why?

it comes as no surprise to me that hrc has character problems. i have met quite a few that seem clueless to this fact...

what do you think?



Danielle said...

FD - To dismantle this system would require hard work & the American public is lazy.

We'd reather have our "truth" spoon fed to us by spin doctors and liars than think for ourselves.

I sometimes wonder how far this country will have to sink until it wakes up to the fact that the system is wrong and only serves those with wealth.

focusedpurpose said...

hi Danielle-

here's the thing. we are rapidly approaching no options. hard work is all that's left.

now, let's use positive and inspiring language:-)

it is harder to slave within a broken system that serves only to rob of us our life,liberty and pursuit of happiness. if we flipped it we might actually find it to be a case of working smarter than harder to dismantle the system...history is hysterically useful to this end.

the powers that be are scared poopless that dumb, lazy, americans will reach this obvious conclusion. just as enslavers were that the majority enslaved would one day revolt. america has become one big plantation. we hold so much power, each of us. literally, just hold it and never use it:-( the good news has all been done before. it we would look to our ancestors we could save a lot of time by not trying to reinvent the wheel. there is truly nothing new under the sun.