Tuesday, March 4, 2008

...what can i do?

i am very idealistic and optimistic. the glass is perpetually half full for me. at the same time---i am a realist.

i firmly believe that more people would do more...if they knew what to do. so, going forward, i will share opportunities to do something to effect a positive change.

in keeping with the wisdom of "thought without action is empty and action without thought is blind" (i just learned this new quote- it blessed me, thought i would share:-)

let's go to work. there is much to do. yes. let us not be overwhelmed. we are powerful black women with resilient spirits. let us start where we are and take back what was taken and what we have foolishly given love. we must love black. we must accept black. we must respect black. all black. starting with ourselves.

when one gets far off course, it is always wise and recommended to go back to basics. we are a communal people. we don't come from an "every woman/man for herself/himself" history. it really does take a village to raise a child.

i think of how foolish i have been; i know with certainty that it is only God's grace that makes my journey different than so many of my sisters. i encourage all to meet our sisters where they are and encourage them to elevate themselves. let us not throw away a whole generation. when we throw away the mothers, we throw away the children as well. we make so many excuses, and have so much understanding, patience, and love for everyone...else.

i am really digging girl scouts beyond bars. it is a two for one opportunity to be a blessing. you can reach the mothers and daughters in one fell swoop. go to: check it out. remember, we all have different gifts. can you exercise yours in this capacity? if not, it is ok, find something to do to make our collective condition better. now! time is of the essence. if we don't esteem and help ourselves, no one else will.

i have been seeking ways to be of service to others and to make my life more meaningful. the opportunities continue to present themselves. i will share them with you going forward.

additionally, i have found that depression can best be alleviated by helping others. volunteering will take you from depressed to grateful in no time. there is always someone that is less fortunate than you. helping them helps you to gain gratitude and perspective. this has been my experience.



tasha212 said...

I read this yesterday. I enjoy working with children and I have focused most of my volunteer efforts working with them. They are our most precious and valuable resource. Thanks for information about girl scouts beyond bars. Children of incarcerated parents have so many issues to deal with on top of the issues of poverty and miseducation. They're grieving for a parent that they lost, sometimes both parents. Thanks for highlighting this issue. On point as always.

focusedpurpose said...


thank you for stopping in. it is my pleasure to share information. there is so much to be done and so many ways to make a difference.

thank you for your support.

blessings! i look forward to your next visit.


Anonymous said...

I completely agree. More people would help if they knew where to go.

I wanted to build a site that listed local organizations and groups. I think the way to go (as far as helping people change their lives) is local. Leave the policy and politics stuff to the national groups.

focusedpurpose said...


welcome back!

i think you should do that website. it is a great idea. it would act as that little nudge that most people need in order to get active:-)

yes, we should all act locally yet think globally. the world is screaming for the need.

i look forward to your next visit.

blessings sis,