Friday, March 28, 2008

...the poverty of philosophy...

i could not have better presented my thoughts... if i tried:-)



Khadija said...


Even though I detest hip-hop/rap in general & I find the mass forcing of it down our people's throats to be oppressive, this was actually tolerable!*Smile*

*Venting & sarcasm mode now turned on*:

I know, I know---it's sacrilege at this point for a Black person to detest hip-hop/rap. It's sacrilege to prefer music that involves acoustic instruments & musicians who can either actually sing or play instruments.

I know that it's wrong of me to miss us being a people who could harmonize & sing a cappella at the drop of a hat. I must learn to appreciate no-singing, no-instrument-playing "musicians" yelling/cursing over recordings of other's people's beats.

Hip-hop is synonymous with authentic Blackness. Anyone who dislikes it is either elderly [I guess that's my excuse]or an oreo. Hip-hop is sacred & must be lifted high at all costs!

*Sarcasm turned off*

In all seriousness, this was interesting. Thanks for providing it.

*Sorry for any multiple postings--the comments section is acting strange*

Peace, sis.

tasha212 said...


I love this recording. Who is the artist, so I can check out some of his other work. He was right on point.

focusedpurpose said...

Khadija you are funny!

the origins of hip hop didn't allow for the instruments and all that good business. hip hop was born of those brothers and sisters that only had a message. the lack of opportunity and the dismantling of art and music appreciation in schools gave birth to this medium.

that crap that is being shoved down our throats---i hate it! it is new age minstreling and the kkk's message rep'd by...i'm gonna cuss- i warned you:-)...dumb ass niggers (niggers really do exist, took hundreds of years to create them and unfortunately they look like black folks---one can usually spot them by the dumb, self destructive shit they are determined to say and do!) this particular subject boils my blood. go to Black 4 Black, he featured a spoken word artist that broke it down.

i really hate how our culture and historical practice of song and dance is perverted. it is now a tool used against us to condemn us in the eyes of the global community. i have no love, patience, nor excuse for those men and women that lend their images to this wicked practice!

Tasha- his name is Immortal Technique. click on "follow up to do something...where you" in my archives. that piece has two of my favorite songs by him. i also featured him in's polite but it's killing us. go to myspace as well for his music. this brother doesn't have a record deal. he has a big following, a message, and an entrepreneurial spirit. he and others like him are all the more reason i have no love or mercy for those that will allow themselves to be used to destroy black women and children.


Khadija said...


Hmmm.... You've raised an angle to this "music" situation that I hadn't considered: This sound pollution that is being forced down our throats is partially a result of music & band being taken out of the public schools.

Good God...I never made that mental connection. So, this is the cultural companion to the effect of gym & real food being taken out of the public schools---mass Black childhood obesity & the earlier onset of Type 2 diabetes.

Real music removed from the schools & replaced with sonic garbage in the community. Gym classes & nutritious food removed from the schools and replaced with fast food franchises in the school cafeterias.

Wow.....It really is ALL connected.


focusedpurpose said...

"Wow.....It really is ALL connected."

yes ma'am. we are on the front lines of battle, unarmed, asking our sociopathic blood thirsty enemy if we can all just get along? sheer lunacy. the casualties continue to pile up.

it is all connected. we are all connected. we must get that quickly if we are to survive.

blessings sis,