Saturday, March 29, 2008

talking out of both sides of the art form

so, the speech is still on my nerves, folks.

in fact, it strikes me as nothing short of evil.

most seem determined to not look deeply into the heart of what is at stake in the 2008 elections.

what is at stake is the continuation of this parasitic, white supremacist, racist system. world white supremacy/domination and one world government is at stake. the very foundation of america is one of exploitation and genocide. now there is an opportunity to have a figurehead with a seemingly kinder, gentler, black face.

progress? uh, no.

i don't think anyone would argue that it has been well demonstrated that black folks have no problem killing other black folks. but then, this is america where being brain dead is considered "patriotic" so it wouldn't surprise me to hear argument. historical facts don't sway the brain dead i have learned.

so, i happened upon someone that said exactly how i feel. in no uncertain terms. i like no uncertain terms. black folks don't need a lullaby. black folks need wake up salts.

black folks need to wake up now! in our sleeping we are falling victim to mentacide, genocide, homicide---pick a cide---black folks worldwide are targets of it! anyone telling you otherwise is lying. black folks must know, speak courageously, and act on the truth---this will make us free.

i realized that Rev. Wright was being villified for telling the truth. the black folks that call Wright's views "hatred" are out of their f#%king gourds! far be it from me not to call it. i don't suffer fools gladly. i don't have time.

because it has all been done before, i particularly enjoyed the Douglass reference. we are in the same battle centuries later and a whole lot of black folks are wandering around acting like they have arrived. WTF!!!

all the sleeping lost black folks would do well to heed the wise words of Lerone Bennett:

"history does not forgive those that lose their way"

...clues are not that hard to get folks. they are in fact harder to miss.

check out the article. click the link, racial diplomacy i think, within the article as well. as i said...clues are harder to miss than get! thank you Glen Ford! i love the picture. i stand in solidarity and salute you.

share your thoughts if you feel compelled...they are always welcome.


Barack Obama Runs A Crooked Game

by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

Barack Obama specializes in rigging political games so that African Americans can’t win – that is, unless the African American is named Obama. So intent is Obama to retain his huge support among white males, the Senator constantly admonishes Blacks to avoid upsetting white men or their peculiar notions of American history. Obama calls for a “dialogue” between Blacks and whites, and then removes from discussion all items that might cause stress or loss of privilege to living whites. From Obama’s point of view, the worst conduct imaginable for a Black man is to exaggerate the effects of slavery on the captive Africans or the society that enslaved them. Should the one million Black prison inmates be subjects of Black-white dialogue. Nope – too upsetting to white folks. Read more...


tasha212 said...

I totally agree with u about the speech. I wonder why some of us see it as a victory. He basically absolved white folks of their guilt. He tried to imply that black folks have no right to be angry. How is that a victory? Some people are saying that he did something great by addressing the issue since he has spent the whole campaign tryig to avoid the issue as if the issue can be avoided in racist Amerikkka. I ma also disturbed by this discussion about whether black folks have a right to be angry. If you're a black person in America and u are not angry, then something is wrong. U're either brainwashed, or ignorant, or at the worst, stupid. I mean no disrespect, but how can u not be angry when racism is endemic in the facbric of American culture. Until we acknowledge this very fact, progress will be a thing of hopes and dreams and not of reality.

BTW, did u see Obama cowtowing on the View on Friday? I was so put out by that, but that is par for the course of his method of dealing with white folks.

focusedpurpose said...


he not only absolved them of their guilt. he basically reassured them that he could be counted on to help squash the conversation completely. if elected obama will be proof that we have overcome!

when he spoke of white resentment i wanted to go through the screen and choke puke from him. uh, i'm sorry white isn't enough anymore.

i stopped watching the view when whoopi and sherri shepherd sat there like grinning embeciles and let that clown damon wayans dog not only them but all black women, unchallenged. joy behar and elizabeth pluck my last nerve... so no i didn't see the latest embaressing, good biracial white hand holding that obama is very skilled at doing. i am really concerned for all the black folks that think he will get in the white house and pull a Nat Turner. black folks need to wake up!

blessings sis,

Anonymous said...

If Obama wants to take the white house, he will have to continue to play the good bi-racial keep white folks at ease by not discussing difficult issues regarding race. He has to continue to pacify. It's the same way with all blacks who have "overcome" or "arrived". They didn't do it by making white folks uncomfortable talking about race or advocating on behalf of other black people. It reminds me of the portion of the book of Revelation - where it talks about no one being able to buy or sell unless they take the mark of the beast. In order to gain the prize, he has to take the mark so to speak.

focusedpurpose said...


i think we need to examine what a "prize" is. for me, there is no prize in being used to destroy others that look like you. period. i know that quite a few don't feel this way. it is to the utter and complete detriment of black people. deals with the devil come at a steep price.

please know that until black folks stop playing by white folks rules---we will not win. their rules aren't designed to give us the victory. think about it.

it is our responsibility to establish and abide in rules that will prosper and advance our collective. self respect and survival mandates this immediate course of action. may i suggest that you skip on down to "poverty of philosophy" and check out what white folks really think about black folks that can't wait to dance and jump through hoops for...peanuts?

please know this truth and be free---your blessings come from God not white folks. i know some black folks worship white folks and that makes it a little sticky for them.

btw- it doesn't matter who goes into the white house, world white supremacy one world order is on the agenda all day. just a little heads up for you...

thanks for stopping in. you are always welcome.


Anonymous said...

The white house is the prize for Mr. Obama, not me. I know what white folks think about us. I was simply trying to make the point that in order for him to win, he has to keep on doing what he is doing. I don't agree with it at all; it's not right. It's not good for black folks. He wants to win and he'll do whatever it takes to do that. I agree with everything that you have written about him.

focusedpurpose said...


my temperament is a little off today:-0 i have been in grrr mode all day.

just so you know, you would be well within your right to disagree.

i just want black folks to wake up and stop going for the okey doke all day everyday.

my grrr today has been in love.


aya said...

I saw a short clip of the View...

I had to turn away real fast. Those ww (and Sheperd) looked a little too "excited" for good taste in talking to a presidential candidate. Grinning and palpatating and other craziness. Too much for me to take.

focusedpurpose said...

hi Aya-

why does that not surprise me at all?


TLW said...

I haven't heard the speech yet (gasp) but from what I am hearing he told the truth and nothing but the truth and made it plain. But then I hear of the universal acceptance that his speech got from "mainstream America" and how they thought it was one of the best speeches to ever be given and his popularity has risen with "mainstream America" since. Hmmm!!!

My opinion is that if he really made it plain and told the whole truth of the continuing problems of racism/White supremacy, then his campaign would be over because they are not ready to hear the truth and nothing but the truth about the ongoing race problem in America, and you wouldn't hear how "mainstream America" ranks this speech as one of the top speeches ever on race.

focusedpurpose said...


i am not trying to be mean nor funny. obama said nothing. he used quite a few words to say...nothing. google the speech and see for yourself. for me, i had felt intermediary biracial business prior to the speech. the speech confirmed my belief. my understanding of the history and uses of this group help me to recognize what i am seeing.

now, as odd as this may sound. if McKinney won't be potus---i would like to see Obama. he is married to a unmistably black woman. black women need to see images of black women doing something other than tipdrilling and baby mamaing on the regular.

make no mistake, the government is a part of the problem. the government will not save us. the figurehead of the machine/beast is just that...a figurehead.

hope that makes sense.