Tuesday, March 11, 2008

...silence...polite...but it's killing us

immortal technique as promised.

couldn't find the lyrics. otherwise, i would have posted them. for those that have trained themselves to miss the point. this is how i view those that practice not listening consciously to lyrics. especially, when historically, for African descendents; seeking freedom was done through song. preparing for war, looked like dance...

rest assured, the message is getting in there whether you know it or not. look around- i think- criminality, sexual depravity, misogyny, irresponsibility, unchecked materialism...yep, it's sticking.

won't hear this on the radio folks. hip hop never went anywhere. the greedy modern day slave catchers get no pass from me. call it what you want...

thanks to my son for hipping me. i love you! (it pays to stay tuned into your children...on so many levels)

can you dig it?


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