Tuesday, March 11, 2008


in my blogosphere travels yesterday; i had occassion to dialogue with someone from the u.k. she cannot for the life of her understand-despite herself living in a white supremacist/racist society- why anyone would focus energies on the issues of race. to paraphase her position, "can't we all just get along?" history...not i, my friend...says no.

"white supremacy/racism, classism, religious persecution, sexual orientation discrimination, etc etc are all mere distractions."

the quote above is the clarification of my position that i offered during our exchange. it occurred to me after our conversation that i have never really stated in my blog house my ultimate goal. i have been very clear that my primary focus is black women and children. i must make it abundantly clear that i can clearly see the threat faced by humanity world wide in general.

the distractions partially listed above keep us from working together. in fact, historically, there have been penalties for the unity of poor people; of all colors. i can understand why the ruling single digit percent would want that. it makes perfect sense.

for the record, let me be real clear. i don't care who you pray to, if you pray, what color you are, who you sleep with (as long as they are not underage and are consenting), what political party affiliation you claim, whether you claim a political affiliation, how much money you have, how much money you don't have, etc. etc.

i care if you respect humanity and the inherent desire of women and men to be free. i care if you hold yourself to a standard that is rooted in integrity, truth, character, responsibility, accountability, and kindness to others.

having said that, i am not at all apologetic for focusing my attentions on black people. i have encountered information that demonstrates that there is an insidious agenda at work around the world---aimed squarely at de-populating the world of black people and people of color. it is my plan to share information. i will point anyone with a desire to learn in the direction of truth, facts and knowledge. what you do when you get there...i suppose your gifts will dictate your course.

i fully accept that we all have different gifts. i fully accept my way is not agreeable to everyone. that is fine with me. i am not seeking popularity. see my focus/purpose/mission This is My First Official Blog!!! . i have made every effort to be clear. i can't do it all, i can do my part according to my gifts.

i am a huge fan of the original hip hop genre. when there was a positive, political, powerful message in the music. there is an underground artist that i love. i will feature some of his music going forward. make no mistake, i see clearly that woman/mankind has been enslaved, all colors. we are for the most part under complete mind control; demonstrating that just being a brick in the wall is ok.

the artist immortal technique states the ultimate goal very well, i don't need to reinvent the wheel:-)

one love

one music

one people

one movement

one heart

one spark

one, one, one, one

one gift

one lift

one stance

one shift

one way

one day

one, one, one, one,


we are one people. we are one race. we all hail from mother Africa-mother of mankind, mother of civilization. my focus is black women and children. my interest is in unity and the strength that comes with that. again, i am not sorry.


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